Around Bornholm


Welcome to   “Around Bornholm”.

We start the  “Around Bornholm” Sunday 25th. August 2024.
9.00 a.m. From “Torneværksvej 20” in Rønne.

We don’t aim to break any speed records and don’t check our times, everyone has the chance to enjoy our nature and landscapes.
Though you are at liberty to compete with your own personal records.
This is real cycling  exercise and enjoyment!
“Around Bornholm” covers a distance of 103 kilometres and has 660 hill meters.

Training is essential for the quality of your cycle tour. A good tour round the island depends on good training.
Some people are used to training from other sports, and don’t need to cycle so many training kilometres as others who need more practise.
If you do practise and train before the race we promise you an unforgettable tour, in the company of other cyclists. The number of  entrants in recent years has been app. 900.

Cycle helmets are compulsory.

The route:
We start in groups of about 150, and we leave from Torneværksvej´.

The tour goes along Ringenvej, Søndre Ringvej and down to Søndre Landevej to Pedersker. From Pedersker you follow the signs for Sømarken, Snogbæk, Balka and then to Nexø. From here the route goes to Årsdale, Svaneke Bølshavn and then to Gudhjem, further up the hills to Tejn, Allinge and Sandvig.

At the refreshment stop in Slotslyngen you can choose to follow the main road or to cycle along the picturesque route on the cycle path, to Vang, Hasle and Rønne.
In Rønne you reach your finishing line at Østre School, by cycling along Haslevej, Ndr. Ringvej and reach the finishing on Torneværksvej.
If you expect to complete the race with an average speed of 25km. or more per hour, you are permitted to cycle on the road, all other competitors are instructed to use the cycle paths.
You are not allowed to cycle in groups, although you are allowed to cycle two and two as long as it does not obstruct traffic.

Refreshment Stops.
There are 4 refreshment stops on the route with at a distance of about 20 kms. between them, at the stops you can quench your thirst  and increase your energy with bananas and other fruits.

At the refreshment post at Svaneke school there will be extra provisions.
There is first aid help at all the refeshment stops.

Entry free - look here

The entry fee includes refreshments during the race, medals and diplomas.

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